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Broadcaster Training


At Archangel, we believe that media training is about more than learning how to sit, stand, speak and dress appropriately. It is about being able to think on your feet, and being prepared to deliver your message - whether before the game, or after that big win or tough loss. That’s why we take a holistic approach to media training.

Interviews in any environment can be high-stakes and high-pressure. That’s especially true in sports. Media Training at Archangel is conducted by award-winning journalists and seasoned professionals who teach the critical skills needed to conduct successful interviews as well as polished, efficient and positive media interactions.

From personal and team messaging to delivery techniques, this interactive training combines on-camera practice with current news examples to elevate our client’s abilities, and ensure they speak confidently in their next media opportunity.

Speaking Engagements

Whether you are speaking at an internal meeting, a professional conference, or on a conference call, you need to be able to speak with authority and confidence.  Archangel will give you the tools you need to accomplish this, helping you communicate with authority, conviction, style and comfort. We analyze your communication skills, identifying your strengths and weaknesses. We teach you communications design – how to prepare yourself for different situations, contexts and forums – so you can always be your best.

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Crisis Management

Sometimes we are faced with a crisis, and sometimes we must simply manage a difficult issue. Knowing the difference between the two and being prepared to manage them are critical skills. At Archangel, we have years of experience dealing with crises and managing thorny issues from legal to performance to reputational challenges. We believe in being prepared, remaining calm and objective, and gaining control of the unique dynamics of each situation.


Whether a team, athlete, league or association, your brand is unique, and so is our process for helping you reimagine the possibilities. We know how to find your story and develop your message. Then, we elevate it with compelling, well-presented stories. Combined with our intimate knowledge of the media and how they do their job, your brand is sure to be presented in the best light during any media interaction.

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How We Help Student Athletes

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Social Media Navigation

Social Media plays a huge role in the lives in young people today, and a single off-hand comment, poor joke or re-tweet can be swept up into a negative national news story in the blink of an eye. We train student athletes on how to use social media responsibly and avoid these types of situations.

Speech Bubbles

Interview Preparation

Many student athletes have never been in front of a camera, much less after a heartbreaking loss or ecstatic win. We teach student athletes how to stay on message, avoid bringing unnecessary emotion into interviews and place a positive light on the current situation - no matter the circumstances.

Time Management

We are passionate about teaching student athletes skill sets that are valuable for the rest of their lives. Time management is a critical skill in both dealing with the media as well as managing your day-to-day responsibilities.


Public Speaking Preparation

Successful student athletes can quickly become the face of your college or university, so preparing them to speak publicly across a variety of situations is a skill that will not only be beneficial to your organization in the short-term, but be a valuable asset to them personally for the rest of their career.



Hear From Our Clients

Bottom line? If you want to be better when it comes to dealing with the media or sharper when talking about the game in a way that makes you, your team, your school, or your community look its best, then Archangel is for you. They are truly the gold standard and highly recommended.

Stacey Schefflin Slomka
Two-Time NCAA Tennis Singles Champion

Archangel believed in me. They trained, encouraged and challenged me. Two years later, I won an Emmy in my first year on the job. 

Jasmine Minor
News Reporter, Documentarian

No matter your talent level, Archangel’s “find a way” attitude helps keep you grounded when the storm comes. Positive energy and tremendous attention to detail. That’s the Archangel way.

Erik Kohler
Orlando Sports Television and Radio broadcaster 
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